Depression – Bravery and Safe Exposure for Vulnerability

Mental ill-health is either bigger now than ever or it’s just being reported more – or both. Certainly, there’s less stigma, but the more aware we are of our mental health, the more we’ll feel its bite. Awareness works both for and against us. For instance, noticing the early warning signs of depression helps us respond quicker and more effectively so we recover better. But, equally, the more we think about depression, the more we may be prone to it.

How Depression Affects a Relationship

A number of factors can lead to a mental condition that is called depression. Many people confuse depression with sadness. Sadness can come from incidents in a person’s life that have gone against his or her expectations. It can come from the death of a loved one, loss of some personal possessions, not getting a promotion, or even minor arguments with family or friends. Certain world events also sometimes lead to such sadness. These are episodes that are momentary and do heal over time.