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Healthy Sleep – Three Natural Options For Improving Your Sleep

If you want to see the best results from your fitness and nutrition program, you need to be sure you are devoting sufficient time at night to getting the quality rest your body needs. Sadly, many people fall short as far as their sleep is concerned. Either they aren’t going to bed at an early enough hour to maximize their sleep duration, or when they finally do get to bed, they toss and turn for many hours, resulting in lower quality sleep.

For some people, the key to better weight control might just be in a good night’s sleep. Individuals who feel fatigued during the day often snack to gain energy and increase alertness.

The food news is there are things you can do to help overcome this issue. Let’s look at three natural options to help improve your sleep…

1. Melatonin. The first natural sleep aid you may consider is melatonin. Your body can naturally produce this hormone, which contributes to regulate the sleep/awake cycles.

The drawback? As you age, your body’s natural melatonin production will slow or possibly even stop, making it harder to fall asleep. Supplementation can therefore help. As it is produced naturally in the body, there aren’t any major risk factors for using this sleep aid, however, do note it can make some people feel very drowsy after using it. Adjust your dose accordingly.

2. Valerian. Another of the sleep aids you might want to consider is valerian. This herb has been used for many years to help those who are struggling with sleep, and while it won’t cure insomnia, it can increase the total quality of your sleep, thus helping you wake up feeling more rested.

You will often find valerian in over the counter sleeping pills.

3. Chamomile. Finally, the last sleep aid you might want to consider is chamomile. Typically taken in tea format, chamomile is an excellent way to help induce sleepiness and relax your body and mind. Being totally rested can then go a long way towards helping prepare you for a good night’s rest.

Just do be careful with how much you drink, or you may frequently awaken to use the bathroom, which is a sure-fire way to disrupt your sleep quality.

Keep these three options in the back of your mind. The best case scenario is to learn to sleep without the use of any sleep aids, however when that’s not possible, these strategies may help out.

Julia Clarks

Julia Clarks

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