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SnoreRx Review – A Closer Look At The Popular Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Moreover, SnoreRX stops cases of snoring by keeping the jaw of a person forward. Persons interested in this device can be comforted by the fact that Jim Fallon, the genius behind the device, consulted with an FDA personnel to ensure that the device is top of the line and meet FDA standards.

The question now is, are all these claims true? And will this device really help you to stop or reduce snoring? In this SnoreRx review, we take a closer look at how at this very popular mouthpiece.

How Does This Device Work?

SnoreRX is built in such a way that when a person fits it inside his/her mouth, it will automatically pull the lower jaw forward. As a result of doing this, the airways are also kept open when the one sleeps and the throat becomes relaxed. The problem of snoring is thus solved since it normally occurs when the lower jaw falls back and blocks the airways in the back of the throat.

What Makes This Device Stands Out:

1. It Is Equipped With A Built-In Calibrator

With the help of the built-in calibrator, users can place the device in their mouth and the calibrator provides a reading for the desired position for it to fit comfortably.

2. It Has A Posi-Lock Feature

Unlike most other mouthpieces for snoring that normally use screws, rubbers, and the likes to keep them in place, the SnoreRx uses this lock position which a user can set once and not having to worry about adjusting the device settings again. The lock is essential in the elimination of the risks of the setting changing when one is asleep.

3. Has A Tooth Cushion And Is Thermal Fit

Made from a patented copolymer, this device is unique in proving a layer of protection for its user’s teeth by proving a cushion between the upper and lower layer of teeth. This is also an added benefit to persons who normally grind their teeth while sleeping.

4. Advanced Design

SnoreRx has an advanced design hence does not use any springs, rubber bands, screws, and does not create torsion like other products.

5. Post-flow

The anti-snoring device has an advanced airflow system that allows a person to breathe fully with their mouth hence ensure that the lungs get adequate oxygen.

6. Complies With The Dental Lab Quality And FDA Requirements

The materials used in the development of this unique anti-snoring device are medical-grade which means it is safe for its users, doesn’t contain any acrylics, and is comfortable to wear. SnoreRx has also been given the stamp of approval from the FDA and has since been certified by AMAS (American Academy of Sleep Medicine).

Pros of SnoreRx

  • It Has no discomfort associated with it, and very easy to use
  • It is priced moderately despite its advanced features
  • It comfortably meets the Medicare standards
  • It has a longer lifespan of about 12-15 months
  • With its unique micro-fit and calibration features, it can be adjusted to small increments for the perfect fit.

Cons of SnoreRx

  • It may cause drooling when the mouth is getting used to its presence
  • It is adjustable but subjects one to some level of soreness when the mouth is getting used to it being worn
  • Denture wearers can not wear it


As you can see from this SnoreRx review, it is a quality product for anyone looking to stop snoring as there are far more pros than outweighs the cons. Outside of persons who wear dentures, this device may be suitable for anyone who is looking for a long term solution. Moreover, its desire to accommodate everyone through its quality features makes it stand out among other anti-snoring devices.

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