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What Causes Depression and How It Can Be Cured?

All of us feel low and sad once in a while, but we often confuse depression with sadness. It is very important to understand the difference between the general sadness and long-lasting depression. If you discover that your sadness is lasting for more than two weeks, particularly without a reason, in that case, prospects are high that you are suffering from depression. It is a serious problem which affects you in both ways, physically and mentally. Feeling irritated, anxious, persistent sadness, fatigue, lack of interest in hobbies and other day-to-day activities are some of the signs of depression.

There are various forms of depressions depending on the duration it lasts:

1. Dysthymia or Persistent depressive disorder – Dysthymia is a condition when a person feels constantly depressed for at least two years. The good thing about dysthymia is that it is curable. Dysthymia develops the feeling of double depression inside the person.

2. Psychotic disorder – It is a type of depression, which occurs when a person is suffering from some psychosis in addition with depression. A person may notice symptoms of delusion and hallucination in many cases.

3. Perinatal disorder – This disorder is often observed in pregnant women and women who gives birth. A woman tends to feel mild to major anxiety, sadness and depression, which makes really tough for her to perform regular activities or to take care of herself or the baby.

4. SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) – SAD generally occurs due to shortage of sunlight or less access to natural light. This disorder generally disturbs the person in winters. You will automatically notice the changes in your behavior in the summer and springs. Your mood will naturally uplift to see more sunlight around you.

Life events play an important role in causing depression. Heartbreak, living with an abusive partner, loneliness, work stress, long-term unemployment, losing a job could be some of the factors which cause depression. It has been observed that under confident people and people who take tensions and possess low self-esteem also ends up suffering with depression at some point in life. It can also happen due to Chemical imbalance in the brain.

There are plenty of options available to fight depression. But it is not necessary that everything works for everyone, so make sure that you analyze the symptoms carefully and picking only the right option to cure depression. It is a well-known that making changes in our lifestyle can help us beat depression easily.

  • Include exercises to your daily routine and don’t forget to get proper sleep.
  • Practice meditation and various relaxation tips available.
  • Seek help of family and friends. Discuss your problems with them and try to figure out the solution together.
  • Stay away from all negative thoughts and pay attention to all positive things present around you.
  • Appreciate others and yourself. Boost your confidence and believe in yourself.
  • Eat foods like dark chocolate, celery, almond which boosts your mood and make you feel better and happy.

Just remember that nothing lasts forever and every problem comes with a solution. All you need to do is to believe in yourself. Say to yourself that ‘I can’ and ‘I will’, no matter what there is nothing that you can’t do or have in life.

Julia Clarks

Julia Clarks

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