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Can Depression Be Helpful

Depression has achieved social negligence, viewed as a hazard for the society by the physiologists. The common belief goes that when a man gets depressed from the things around him and thinks himself to be the cause of his failures; then he should look around for a change, discontinuing his work for a while and channelising his energy towards spiritual guidance to achieve the peace of mind.

But can it be true that instead of viewing depression as a misfortune happened to our life, it can prove out to be beneficial to us? Can depression help in enhancing our capabilities of doing work?

We all must have heard the phrase “happy- go-lucky” often employed to the people who are careless and live their life under ignorance, but what about a depressed person. Clearly, there are no such statements. The biggest negative impact of depression is the declining health status, but it does have a few merits too. Studies have found out that people under depression can go on working for longer hours without feeling boredom, they are more focused and show a greater dedication and sincerity towards their work.

Depression is like a slow smouldering of the human heart on the inside and while imbibed it intoxicates working much like narcotics while carrying within itself the future possibilities of ill-health.

According to two researchers, Paul Andrews, a clinical psychologist, and Anderson Thomson, a psychiatrist depression can increase our analytical thinking and help us stay focused. A common belief is that they are well practised at reflection and self-analysis, making them be deep thinkers pondering about life from a closer perspective than the happy ones and would be smarter than many people.

Depression helps us to appreciate things so much more; even small acts of kindness from other people make us feel pleased. According to Dr Paul Keedwell, an expert on mood disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, seems to have a firm belief in the idea of impacts of depression on everyday life. He says after going through the phase of depression, many have claimed to have developed a respectful opinion and care knowing the importance of life.

There are millions of people who enter the similar phase of depression. And nearly all of them have seen it as a positive aspect of life.However, we must see this as a natural phenomenon of life and instead of being disheartened live it taking it as the other part of life.

Julia Clarks

Julia Clarks

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