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Preventive Dentistry: Practices for Oral Hygiene

Who doesn’t like to have a great, bright smile? Well, everyone does which is why good oral hygiene is important! Oral hygiene is not only important for kids but also for adults. Kids are taught to take care of their teeth at an early age just to make sure it becomes their habit. Whenever we talk about oral health regimen, Preventive dentistry is never a thing to forget. It is all about brushing daily and dental cleanings in every six months.

Basically, it is a practice to keep your teeth as well as gums healthy and clean to give a nice, beautiful smile. Another motive is to keep cavities, enamel wear and gum disease at bay. Here are some of the preventive dentistry practices for a good oral health:

  • Flossing: Where Brush Can’t Reach
    We all know what is flossing and what are the benefits of it but do we floss daily? Well, No! Whether due to the time constraint or laziness, we often miss flossing due to which various dental problems take place. We should floss at least once a day to remove food substances and other detrimental particles that brushing cannot do. It helps to completely clean tight gaps where brush bristles are not able to reach. It is highly effective practice to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Brushing Daily
    Without any doubt, brushing your teeth is one the most important preventive dentistry practices to maintain your oral health. The American Dental Association or ADA recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride. This is because fluoride toothpaste can eliminate plaque from your teeth which causes tooth decay and gum diseases. The right way to brush your teeth is to set the bristles of brush at an angle of 45 degrees near the gum line to effectively clean your teeth.
  • Eating a Balanced Diet
    A healthy body is depended on a healthy diet and with that, you get healthy teeth! A balanced healthy diet is important to provide all the nutrients that your teeth need. Poor diet can be harmful your teeth and gums. Excessive intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, sugar and starches can lead to accumulation of plaque, thus resulting in damaging tooth enamel. Dentists strongly recommend not to consume sugary foods for healthy teeth.
  • Visiting Your Dentist
    If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, visiting your dentist is advisory. Sometimes with the naked eye, you are not able to figure out whether you are suffering from any gum and teeth diseases or not. In that case, you should visit your dentist at least twice a year to maintain your oral health. With the help of examinations and tests through x-rays, dentists are able to identify and prevent future dental problems right away.

So, these are the practices that preventive dentistry does to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Following preventive dentistry can also provide you with periodontal treatments. Regular visits at Flushing Dentist can be the reason for optimal oral hygiene.

Julia Clarks

Julia Clarks

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