What Is Botox and Its Efficacy in Preventing Ageing of the Skin?

In the current generation, you will discover that everybody is trying to find a better way of remaining young. The skin is one of the affected parts whenever we are ageing. It is possible to tell the age bracket of a person just by looking at his/her skin. As people grow older, ageing spots become visible and wrinkles start developing. This need has culminated in the fame of some skin care products.


This drug is manufactured from neurotoxin. The drug was made specifically to render treatment for specific muscular conditions. However, a medical professional administered it to his/her patients. With time, it was introduced in the cosmetic industry. Its effectiveness in treating the muscular condition showed its potential in making effectual cosmetic products too.

Cosmetic industry

This product was embraced in the cosmetic industry in aiding the people to retain smooth and younger skin. In this industry, it is referred to as an anti-wrinkle injection. This product has the power of removing the wrinkles that develop when people are getting older. So far, this product has managed to carry out this task effectively. It has recorded amazing results and let many satisfied users.

How it works

You will discover that most of the time you might either frown your face when either concentrating or when angered. You will probably do that for several times. Frowning of the face culminates in contraction of the facial muscles and that develops to the wrinkles. The brain through the nerves is responsible for causing the contraction of muscles on the face culminating to wrinkles.

Botox is a natural protein. When it is induced in the body, it prevents the contraction of the facial muscles by blocking the nerves. When the muscles are unable to contract due to the blockage, the skin cannot be creased and that prevents formation of the wrinkles.

Does it prevent ageing?

What this product does is only preventing the process of muscular contractions on the face that culminates to the creasing of the skin. Thus, it only achieves the prevention of ageing signs like the wrinkles. A user of this product will continue ageing, but the signs will not be visible.

The areas that can be treated

Generally, it is used for treating the facial wrinkles. However, for effective results, the product will be injected in specific parts of the face. These parts include the lines around the eyes, the upper part of the eyebrows, areas around the mouth, the chin and the forehead wrinkles.

What to do after treatment

It is very rare to encounter any major side effects after this treatment. Some patients will experience minor bruising. After leaving the clinic, you will be able to carry out your normal activities. It is prudent to evade doing anything that is strenuous for a while.

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