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Get Lucky With Invisalign for Pretty Teeth And Happy Smiles

Contemporary dentistry boosted by technology does achieve many wonders! Not only are chips and cracks fixed with porcelain or metal, but new teeth are also installed. Teeth cleaning and whitening, root canal therapy, crowns and veneers, they are all common parts of the trade. Gum problems, lips and cheeks are aspects of the million-dollar face after all. Agreed that smiles get people everywhere professionally and socially. Could they live without the confidence and the happiness? Crooked teeth in irregular formations by birth and lost teeth bring emotional turmoil. Why not give invisalign a chance to set things right in the mouth and bring a lifelong joy with graceful teeth?

What exactly can invisible aligners achieve?

· Metal and wires will not be used, and no mouth irritation

· Transparent medical grade plastic is almost invisible

· They look like teeth whitening trays

· Remove them while brushing

· Oral hygiene is facilitated with ease

The Invisalign 3D Imaging Technology

The process begins with 3D pictures, X-rays and moulds being obtained of the mouth interiors and the existing teeth. A series of images identify the present position of the teeth. Now commences the study of how certain teeth could be shifted by degrees so as to bring about a regular pattern. That would be a slow, long drawn out process. The final imagined position of the teeth is already reflected as the treatment commences. Th likely time duration is specified.

Like moving from the present x to the future y, the patient receives several plastic custom-made invisible aligners. The aligners are based on the molds obtained of the teeth. Each of the aligners would be worn for two weeks. Within those two weeks, the teeth would have shifted just a little bit. The aligners can be removed as and when necessary. After the initial adjustment period, it is fun all the way.

The dream of the ideal teeth and smile!

An ideal is a dream that everybody wishes to achieve. Fabulous smiles are seen all the time in advertisements and celebrities. How did they achieve those pretty teeth and smiles? It is estimated that 3 million globally have already undergone this clever new treatment. It may pinch the pocket in comparison to metal braces, but think of the immense benefits of a dream coming true. Many people suffer silently, perhaps without knowledge of such procedures. Metals and wires scare off several. Here is the revolutionary new treatment that gets rid of all the braces minus points. Invisalign is an easy way to pretty teeth and beautiful smiles.

How long will the process take?

Perhaps a few months would be required to feel the effects. The teeth gradually straighten up and the smile reflects the happiness. The truth is that nobody knows about the aligners because they cannot be seen. Say goodbye to the embarrassment caused by metal braces. Aligners can be removed if a social occasion comes up. Put it on again after the program or party. The aligners do not come in the way, no matter what happens!

Those who hesitate in anticipation of discomfort need not worry. The aligners are so designed that no pain is caused. The appointments with the dentist are rare too, maybe once in 6 weeks.

Perhaps a little more seriousness about the role of esthetic and healthy teeth would help the society feel and perform better. Healthy dental practices from a young age would lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Problems with the mouth, gums and teeth should be attended to immediately as preventives to serious issues. Dentists team up with other health specialists to treat the entire personality. Functional and esthetic aspects should go together as seen in many facets of life. Why not run the extra mile for the sake of the glorious set of teeth and the confident smiles? Statistics prove that pretty teeth and smiles lead to more successful work and study.

Advantages over traditional braces

Metal braces remain fixed for the treatment duration and cannot be removed. Adjustments result in pain. Cleaning teeth becomes a difficult process. Meetings with the dentist take place every 3-4 weeks. The duration of treatment with braces is uncertain. Since braces are clearly visible, it causes embarrassment. Wouldn’t the Invisalign process be a better bet, in spite of somewhat higher costs?

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Julia Clarks

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