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Focus Mastery: Stress, Bagels, and Focus? Oh My!

On a particularly stressful day, I turned to bagels after being off of them for quite a while. This caused me to experience my usual reaction; I felt like I was hugged emotionally; no physical symptoms at first; then a huge bout of fatigue about two hours later. So I then had two hard-boiled eggs and immediately felt better.

Still feeling very stressed the next day, I, unfortunately, turned to bagels again. This time I felt satisfied but also guilty. Sure enough, a few hours later not only did my energy drop but I became very agitated. I was at the library working and felt brain fog, anger, frustration, and a whole gamut of other negative emotions. I got out of the library quickly, went outside to re-charge in nature, and connect to something greater than my stress. In other words – I changed my focus and environment.

I went to get two hard-boiled eggs to right the wrong I had caused in my body’s ecosystem. Within minutes I was back to normal both physically and emotionally. I later did some energy and belief transformation work. I’m proud to say that on day 3, I still craved that stress-reducing food but stayed clear of the bagels because I healed the belief that drove me to eat them.

Your ability to focus is your greatest power. Food plays a major role for you and your children. So how are you all doing with the focus to peacefully achieve what you want?

As you probably already know, marketing, media, commercials, and all advertising is designed to catch your attention and the attention of your children. The ability to focus in our modern-day world is a complicated task. Distractions are everywhere.

Distracted by stress, I had bagels for two days which brought about a negative impact on my focus and emotions. Focus precedes feeling. When the body is given what it needs to operate at its best, you have a better chance at better results.

A lifetime of learned behaviors had given my neuropathways the habit of turning to comfort food under times of stress. It is possible, however, to change learned behaviors. That’s where coaching can be a big help.

Here are some tools you can utilize next time stress is attempting to redirect your focus toward a habit that does not serve you.

1. Know that everything is a gift. Everything is happening FOR you – not to you.

2. Then:

• Stop

• Breathe deeply until you feel calm

• Smile

• Move your body to move the energy through

• If you’re hungry or feeling an insulin crash, eat something healthy to boost your mood and brainpower

• Redirect your focus in a positive way on the task at hand.

When you focus on the positive and what you want (instead of the negative) and feel the feeling and enthusiasm of having it already, you can more easily ignore the distractions and pay attention to the signs along the way. When you are calm and pay attention, you notice the signs.

Start to perceive what gives you good energy and the ability to focus naturally (without a big drop in your insulin an hour or more later). Teach this to your children also. The thing to realize is whether or not a food affects your focus in addition to your energy level. Food created by God is medicine. Your body is a messenger and a vehicle of your Soul.

There may be other reasons why you or your children cannot focus on a particular task at hand. As I mentioned above, I needed to do some energy healing work and transform a belief to pass up bagels on the next stressful day. Ask for help if you need it.

Stay tuned for more on Focus Mastery. It’s a big topic that involves your body, mind and spirit. Focus mastery will change your life.

Remember to focus on what you want with the feeling of having it already. God wants you to be happy because God is inside you. So it just makes sense that when you’re happy, God is happy.

Alex Steel

Alex Steel

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