Natural Remedies You Can Use to Improve Your Allergy Symptoms

Allergies can prevent you from having a normal life. This is especially so for those who suffer from year-round allergies. It’s a miserable state to be in, then throw in the fact that you have to take toxic antihistamine drugs to suppress the symptoms. If you talk to a naturopathic doctor, you will find that there are natural, healthier alternatives to allergy treatment.

Once you have had allergy testing, you can use the following remedies to alleviate your symptoms.


The days of going to a naturopathic doctor for shots are over. With the SLIT treatment, you’re getting a natural allergy procedure that will help to alleviate your symptoms over time. It is taken beneath your tongue, so it’s pain-free, fast and convenient. What’s great about this method is that it allows you to completely overcome your allergy reactions by teaching your body to stop attacking normal substances, like food, pollen and other typical allergens that aren’t harmful. Allergy testing will likely be performed before you have the treatment done.

Saline Rinse

During the spring and summer, the amount of pollen in the air increases. This leads to your nose and lungs being filled with the substance, causing your allergies to flare up. One way to counteract this is to use a saline rinse. You can buy this over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. It’s a temporary solution that you can use until you obtain the SLIT treatment.

Fish Oil Supplements

Taking fish oil supplements everyday is a great way to combat allergies as well. Fish oil works by lowering leukotrienes levels in your body, which can reduce asthma symptoms caused by allergens.

Wear Sunglasses and Hats

This doesn’t seem like much, but wearing a pair of sunglasses can really help when pollen counts are high. It can protect your eyes from the wind and the pollen it blows along with it. Your hat of choice should also have a wide brim, so that it can keep pollen away from your face.


If you don’t mind trying herbal remedies, give butterbur a try. Most people use it for headache relief, but it’s also effective for reducing nasal symptoms. It’s a great replacement for antihistamines, which normally cause drowsiness.


There’s a chance that obtaining acupuncture can help to relieve hay fever. Studies were performed that show that going through with 12 acupuncture sessions was just as good as taking antihistamines. In fact, it showed the rate of relief was higher. It’s not clear why this is so, but it’s definitely worth considering. Consult with a naturopathic doctor about this service and others like ozone therapy.

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