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What Causes Wrinkles? Discover Whether Dry Skin Is What Causes Wrinkles

Why Does Dry Skin Look More Wrinkled?

Why are so many people convinced that dry skin is what causes wrinkles? The misinformation stems from the fact that dry skin looks more wrinkled than skin that isn’t dry. Wrinkled skin looks better after a moisturizer is applied. Those with oily skin may be perceived as having fewer wrinkles because they have their own built-in moisturizer, which creates the appearance of a smoother skin texture. When skin is dry or dehydrated, any amount of wrinkling or flaws looks more exaggerated. Applying a moisturizer will make wrinkles look less apparent and can help skin look and act younger. But to have truly healthy skin that looks younger you need to give skin what it needs to repair and protect itself.

What You Can Do to Help Wrinkles and Dry Skin?

While using an ordinary moisturizer does not have any significant effect on wrinkles, using a product that contains state-of-the-art ingredients does. Not all products are created equal. Antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and skin-repairing ingredients are the types of ingredients that you need in anti-aging skincare products. Below, you’ll discover how each one of these critical ingredient categories works.

* Antioxidants decrease free-radical damage and reduce inflammation, which causes collagen to break down and negatively affects the skin cell’s DNA structure. When formulated in an effective sunscreen, antioxidants also help your skin defend itself against the number one cause of aging, the sun.

* Cell-communicating ingredients help skin cells form in a healthy, “younger” manner. They also work to “tell” damaged cells to start acting more like normal, younger, healthier cells.

* Skin-repairing ingredients are substances that the skin has lost due to sun exposure and external irritants. In order to improve, your skin desperately needs these repairing ingredients to fight environmental damage that leads to moisture loss and dull skin that looks older than it really is.

As significant as these ingredients are to the improvement of skin’s structure, it is still of vital importance to use an effective sunscreen 365 days a year. We know the topic of sunscreen might not quite as buzz-worthy as the latest anti-wrinkle miracle, but without sunscreen, you have no chance of helping your skin resist wrinkles and numerous other signs of aging.

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