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Eye Make-Up Tricks for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are typically broken down into four different shades of brown. These are dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and light brown eyes with gold flecks that enable them to look almost hazel. Each shade has something that allows for different make-up tricks to highlight and contrast the color making eyes pop and shine even with something as simple as a single coat of eye shadow.

First, we will cover make-up tricks for those of you with dark brown eye colors. Perhaps the best thing about this dark brown shade is that the eye color itself already adds intensity to any look so even softer looks appear sultry. There are two tricks that are absolutely essential for darker brown eyes. The first is that for a daytime look, try to stick with eyeshadow shades with a little bit of shimmer that is one tone lighter or darker than your skin’s natural tone. This will help to even out the eyelid color and the dark contrast or your eye color will add the magic, especially if the eye shadow is applied swept up to the brow bone. For an evening look medium to dark brown eye shadow shades will work best for you. The only drawback is that with your eye color, darker looks can sometimes seem a little harsh and overbearing. You can eliminate this by highlighting those darker shades with light blues, pinks, greens, or gold.

Secondly is make-up tricks for those of you with medium brown eye colors. You perhaps are the luckiest as any color truly does work for you. To really maximize your eye color, mauves, violets, and purples can be used to create any eye look and are the best at complimenting your medium brown eye color as well as each other. Try a mauve cream base along the eyelid and up to the brow bone. Apply a darker purple on the eyelid and soften the top of that with a violet color along the crease.

Next, we’ll discuss eye make-up tricks for those with light brown eyes. You have the added benefit that light brown eyes are always striking. The one trick to remember with your shade of brown is that because the brown is so light, you want to avoid anything that will overpower the brown shade of your eye. You can still use darker shades of brown but save those for the crease portion of your eyelids or for thin highlighting layers underneath the eye. Use lighter shades, particularly yellows and golds, as the main staple for any of the eye looks you create. You should also try to avoid black eyeliners and mascaras and opt for browns instead.

Lastly, we will look at the tricks for those of you with almost hazel like shades of brown. This eye color looks absolutely stunning with eye shadow shades that are one to two tones darker than your actual skin color and with darker brown accenting on the eyelids or with a liner pencil under the eye. This will help to bring the brown color out in your eye while reflecting its natural highlights.

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