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Questions to Ask of a Hair Replacement Service

A hair replacement service is designed to give you back what you may not have. However, before you choose a place, you should ask some important questions.

Of course, any place that advertises this type of service should be more than happy to answer these questions. If not, you should be hesitant to do business with them. For starters, you want to find out the education and background of the surgeon in charge. You also want to know this person’s surgical experience and history. The right doctor will be far from offended that you asked and will even suggest you shop around in order to find a group for you with which you are comfortable.

What Is Your Specific Background?

It’s already been mentioned that you should find out about your potential surgeon’s education and background. You should make sure that you find out everything. You want to know information about how he or she began a career in medicine. Don’t be ashamed to take the time to research the doctor’s training. You need to find out how long this person has been performing any hair replacement service. Additionally, you need to find out if the potential doctor has done any other hair-loss procedures like a scalp-lift or micro-grafting.

May I See Your Certifications?

You are checking out the doctor to ensure that he or she is qualified to perform the surgery. Ask to see whatever diplomas or certifications this person has. You want to see if he or she is a member of the appropriate boards for this procedure. Depending on your area, there may not be any certifications for this procedure, but if there is, you have the right to see them. It will help to give you peace of mind that the doctor you are choosing knows what he or she is doing.

What Is Your History?

You have to ask about history in addition to certification. You want to know how successful their services are and how satisfied the customers were. You need to ask about any complaints they’ve had in addition to how many surgeries they’ve performed.

Have There Been Complaints?

Of course, you might not want to ask that question of the physician him or herself. You can find out by going through appropriate medical and business associates to see what complaints have been filed. While there is no way to please every patient, you’re more interested in if they have been settled or how they were handled. How the complaints are handled will show you if your chosen physician is professional.

What Is the Cost?

A hair replacement service is just that: a service. You are purchasing a product, and you will have to pay a cost for that. But before you sign on the dotted line, you want to find out the exact amount that you will be paying. It is important to know that the quote you receive is for the exact procedure you want to have. Procedures such as micro-grafting are more expensive than a simpler replacement procedure.

Do your homework on the hair replacement service you are interested in doing business with. You want to ensure that you get the best treatment at a cost you can afford with people you are comfortable working with.

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Julia Clarks

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